Friday, April 5, 2019

Home Stay training in Halesi

Home Stay training completed for local entrepreneurs of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality, Khotang. Home stay training is organized by Cottage and Small Industries development comity and Halesi Tuwachung Municipality.

Halesi is tri-religious center of Kirat, Hindu and Buddhist community. Home stay Training is conducted to promote tourism and pilgrimage in Halesi. Visitors will eat organic food and observe local culture through their villages.

Home Stay will be operated in Chyasmitar, Durchhim, Halesi and Arkhoule villages along the Mid-hill highway.

"Home stay program would make tourism promotion as well as economical growth" said Eban Rai, Mayor, Halesi Tuwachung Municipality.

Home Stay Training in Halesi

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bridge over Dudhkoshi River: Direct bus Kathmandu to Halesi

Halesi, Khotang has finally been connected to national road network after Dudh Koshi bridge operation. Direct bus service is available at Chabahil, Kathmandu to Halesi for 8-9 hours. With the bridge now, the Halesi visitors has increased. The bridge was supposed to be constructed five years ago. 
Jayaramghat Bridge, Dudhkoshi Khotang

Kalika Construction and Hulas Company had earlier agreed to complete the bridge construction in 2009.The 150 meter RCC suspension bridge, first of its kind in Nepal, was constructed at the cost of 11 crore rupees.

Residents are pleased as they can now use the newly constructed bridge to reach the district headquarter and other districts. Jayaram Bridge is Khotang’s major entry point and connects Bahunidada of Tuwachung municipality and Manebhanjhyang rural municipality of Okhaldhunga. In lack of direct route, both the residents and the Halesi visitors had faced numerous challenges.

With the bridge now in place, the costs of daily products were likely to reduce. Prices of daily products are comparatively higher as the district relied on porters to transport goods.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mayor and deputy elected in Halesi Tuwachung Municipality

Halesi, July 5, 2017: Eban Rai, from Nepali Congress,  has been elected as the Mayor of the Halesi Tuwachung Municipality as he garnered 4397  votes to his closest rival UML's Khadendra Rais's 3997 votes in the recently held local election.
Halesi Tuwachung Municipality
Halesi Tuwachung Municipality
Similarly, Congress’s Bimala Rai has been elected as the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality. She bagged 4496 votes to Uml ’s Manisha Rai's 3922 votes.
The second round of local level elections was held in 35 districts of province number 1, 5 and 7 on June 28.
Halesi VDC, a popular tourist destination in Khotang, has been declared as a Halesi Tuwachung Municipality.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Helicopter tour to Halesi (Holesung) Khotang

Kathmandu to Halesi road is still underconstruction. But bus is operating daily. It takes 8 hours by bus, and might be uncomfortable journey. Helicopter is the best option for pleasant journey.

Halesi is a remote area of Nepal, there is no airport in Halesi for the flight from Kathmandu. The Helicopter charter is best way to go Halesi Mahadev Darshan. Helicopter will take you from Kathmadnu to Halesi. Halesi is on if the ancient and holiest place of Nepal, which is called as The Pashupatinath of the Eastern Nepal. Halesi Temple is situated as the eastern hilly region of the country Khotang District.
Heli tour in Halesi Khotang

Halesi is important place for Kirat, Buddhist and Hindu.  Kirat Mundhum, folk stories and other historical documents data back the Kirati civilization in Halesi to the pre-historic time. The ancient Mudhumi word for Halesi is 'Khuwalung'. The Kirati ancestors Toyama, Khiyama and Raichakule (Khokchilipa/Hechchhakupa) are supposed to have transformed their civilization into agricultural ara. In Tuwachung hill, people have found ancient remnants of archaeological importance like pottery, igniting stone and weaver. This justifies the aforementioned claim that Kirat civilization in Halesi really ancient.

Helicopter Tour in Nepal is popular day tour in Nepal Himalayas and remote hill area. Taking a Nepal helicopter tour over the Nepal Himalayas is a really wonderful adventure with panoramic view of mountains, hills, gorge, forests, rivers filled with awe-inspiring landscape. The Nepal Helicopter tour is time-honored choice for the mountain lovers who has short time period but wants to observe Nepal Himalaya. Nepal helicopter tour flight traveling gives you an exclusive opportunity to bask in the splendors of nature and experience heady airborne explorations of Nepal. Nepal, having high mountains and beautiful scenic countryside but is easily accessible by land transport, is known as "Helicopter Country". Aerial sightseeing flights in Nepal over the heritages and tourist spots are quite popular these days.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Bhutani dies in Halesi

Halesi, 11 March, 2017.  Halesi pilgrimage, a Bhutani people has died in Halesi, Khotang.  Sange Tshering died due to heart attack on Friday evening having PPG Number 99351 from Thimpu, Bhutan. He visited the Halesi and he was going to take bus to return in the evening time.

Halesi is a religious trinity for Kirat, Hindu and Buudhist. 105 Bhutani Buddhist has visited Halesi on Friday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hotel Halesi Village establishes in Halesi, Khotang

Hotel Halesi Village has recently been established in historical, cultural and religious place Halesi.

Entrepreneurs Khus Narayan Sainju, Rudra Giri, Rajendra Layalu and Jayaram Giri have invested more than 15 million rupees to build that Hotel Halesi Village as a model hotel in Halesi. This Hotel has facilitated with restaurant, seminar hall, parking, souvenir shop and rooms with attached bath.  

The room capacity is 50 and seminar hall capacity is 150 of that hotel.

The number of visitors are increasing day by day over its importance. 

Hotel Halesi Village
Hotel Halesi Village 
Souvenir shop in Halesi
souvenir shop

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Halesi Tour Video

Khotang Halesi is being popular pilgrimage place for Kirat, Hindu and Buddhist religion follower.  Several people want to go there for pilgrimage purpose. That place is popular for pilgrimage, unique geographical structure and Kirat culture. Nepal Government and Nepal Tourism Board are promoting that place as a touristic place in Nepal. Several documentary and news story are covering in the media. The following YouTube videos are uploaded by Dil Rai which was broadcasted by Nepal Television for promoting the Halesi Tour.

Khotang Halesi Tour Part-1

Khotang Halesi Tour Part-2