Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Geographical Structure

Nepal supposed to be a place of God since ancient period. Nepal has own identity because of own arts, religion, culture, historical and archeological heritage. Many temples, monasteries, stupas and historical places are so popular for the tourism in Nepal.
Halesi Mahadev cave is a destination for religious and cultural tourism. The Halesi Mahadev cave is situated at elevation of 1400m.from the sea level in Khotang district, Sagarmatha (Everest) zone, East of Nepal. The place Halesi Mahadevthan is made by a special kind of rock. There are four big caves and small many caves.
Caves have many names according to religious view, the main cave Mahadevthan is located at mid part of among the cave. Basaha cave, Panhawati and kakani cave are located in west side and Bhairavthan, Kalikathan and Gurdhum cave are located in east side of Mahadevthan. There are many legend according to Kirat, Hindu and Buddhist about Halesi.

Halesi Mahadevthan cave

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Halesi Tour

Halesi is a one of the famous holy place of Nepal. It is equally popular among the Kirati, Buddhists and Hindus. It is second Pashupatinath for Hindu. Pilgrimes believe their wishes come true if they worship God and Goddess. Halesi tour is being popular in Nepal.
Monastery in Helesi

Intrance gate To Mahadev Cave
Halesi Mahadev gate