Sunday, May 28, 2017

Helicopter tour to Halesi (Holesung) Khotang

Kathmandu to Halesi road is still underconstruction. But bus is operating daily. It takes 8 hours by bus, and might be uncomfortable journey. Helicopter is the best option for pleasant journey.

Halesi is a remote area of Nepal, there is no airport in Halesi for the flight from Kathmandu. The Helicopter charter is best way to go Halesi Mahadev Darshan. Helicopter will take you from Kathmadnu to Halesi. Halesi is on if the ancient and holiest place of Nepal, which is called as The Pashupatinath of the Eastern Nepal. Halesi Temple is situated as the eastern hilly region of the country Khotang District.
Heli tour in Halesi Khotang

Halesi is important place for Kirat, Buddhist and Hindu.  Kirat Mundhum, folk stories and other historical documents data back the Kirati civilization in Halesi to the pre-historic time. The ancient Mudhumi word for Halesi is 'Khuwalung'. The Kirati ancestors Toyama, Khiyama and Raichakule (Khokchilipa/Hechchhakupa) are supposed to have transformed their civilization into agricultural ara. In Tuwachung hill, people have found ancient remnants of archaeological importance like pottery, igniting stone and weaver. This justifies the aforementioned claim that Kirat civilization in Halesi really ancient.

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