Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guide to Halesi

The Halesi is situated in Eastern part from Kathmandu. So when you arrive in Kathmandu there are two options for you to rich there, by Airplane or by Bus. If you choose by airplane, you have to fly Kathmandu to Lamidanda and walk more one day easily, or 4 hours by Bus/Jeep. But there is not regular public bus service from Lamidanda to Halesi. Lamidanda is the nearest airport for Halesi. If you want to pay more you can charter small helicopter directly from Kathmandu to Halesi. If you choose by Bus from Kathmandu to Halesi there are two roads, one is shorter but in under construction may be ready very soon within a few months and another is longer high way. So I am giving instruction about that longer high way.   You go to Katari Bazaar (Udayapur district) it takes 12 hour by Bus. There is night and day bus service from Kathmandu to Katari. After Katari, take another bus for 4 hour to Ghurmi Bazaar, at the bank of Sunkoshi River many bus is available there, earlier is better. The Ghurmi bazaar is the big trading center for Khotang and Okhldhunga district.  After Ghurmi Bazaar cross the Sunkoshi river and take another bus for 4– 5 hours for Halesi. There is daily bus service from Sunkoshi to Diktel bazaar via Halesi. But from Sunkoshi River, the road is not permanent, in rainy season it may not go up because of muddy road. July to September is rainy season in Nepal, so do not plan to visit in these months. Lodging and food are normal type home stay and village; you do not get luxury type after leaving from Kathmandu.

Mong in Halesi
Mong in Halesi

Sunkoshi River
Crossing the Sunkoshi river