Mounatain View

Halesi is not only for the pilgrimage tour it is also suitable for Mountain view. Near by Halesi, we can see the panoramic Everest mountain range from Mt. Numbur to Makalu.  If you want to see Mt Everest you have to go 2 hour up to hill on foot. I suggest to take a binocular  to recognize the Mountain name and you need to hire experience guide. Even if you been in Everest trekking, you can not say the mountain name because of the different face. Mount Numbur can easily recognize it is near by Salleri Bazaar, Solu. The best season to travel to Halesi is from September last week to May. Weather should be clear to view mountain.

It takes one day by buses and Jeeps  from Kathmandu to Halesi. Bus is available early in the morning and afternoon daily from Kathmandu. Kathmandu to Halesi road is being better via Khurkot and Ghurmi and its shorter too.The bus fare is  about rs. 1500 to 2000.

This pictures are taken in first week December of 2012.

Mountain  photo from Halesi tour
Mountain View from Halesi
Mountain from Halesi tour

Halesi mahadev tour


  1. Is it possible to reach Halesi Cave by motorbike? How is the road condition and distance in km. from Kathmandu ? Pls update . Thank you.

    1. Yes it is possible to reach Halesi cave by motorcycle. As we know, now is summer season; somewhere might be problem because of landslide and flooding, bridges are under construction on the road. If you want to go right now, you can go by public bus which available at Chabahil, Kathmandu. You can go by motorcycle after September, using the road; Kathmandu – Banepa – Khurkot – Ghurmi – Jayaram – Halesi. The approximately distance 220 kilometer.

  2. हलेशी पुग्न गाडी मा कति घण्टा जति लाग्छ होला ? अनि गाडीबाट ओर्लेपछि कतिजति हिंड्नु पर्छ होला

  3. It takes 8 hour by bus, but in summer time road might be damaged by landslide. If all the road condition is ok, you do not need to walk. For more information you can ask at Bus station, Chabahil, Kathmandu.

  4. where to get the bus from kathmandu to halesi mahadev? can u provide the counter details ?