Thursday, June 25, 2015

Action plan in Halesi

Weapons used by Kirat KingsThe whole are ruled by Holesung was called Halesi in history. At present, Chyasmitar, Dikuwa, Badahare, Durchim, Dhitung and Halesi Mahadevsthan VDCs cover the area. We should rewrite the history in the same vein with the formulation of master plan, and other development projects. This helps correct the course of history and evoke respect for it. The formulated action plans for Halesi are listed below:-

Current action plan:

  • To initiate the preliminary work of temple premise conservation and protection.
  • To manage clean drinking water, public toilet and bathrooms.
  • To create and develop the greenery as well as beautiful sceneries around the Halesi temple.
  • To encourage the hotel, lodge, bank, communication, transportation, health-post and security services.
  • To create awareness among people for conservation, development and ownership of the Halesi cave.
  • To create website, make documentary, publish news, research articles, books, tourist-guide book for the publicity of Halesi.
  • to commence preliminary study for the construction of museum in accordance with the advises from the stakeholders and locals.

The midterm and long term action plan:

  • To construct and expand road transportation linking Halesi cave with historical places like Khimle (Old Halesi), The Kotdanda’s Kirat palace (Durchim), Bhumjudanda ( Chyasmitar), Lahachudanda (Dhitung), Tuwachung/Jayajungdanda (Halesi); to excavate the archeological sites; to make physical facilities avail easily. It helps increase the comfort of the tourists thereby extending their days in the site. The residents of Halesi will be highly benefited by this. This will also help attracting the researchers.·         To make a view tower in Bhamjudanda, Kotdanda and Tuwachung/ Jayajungdanda so that the entire tarai and mountain landscape could be seen.
  • To make a detailed geographic survey in cooperation with the concerned authority.
  •  To make the meditation places.
  •  To create Halesi museum.
  •  To make ring road around the Halesi.
  • To make detailed and scientific Halesi urbanization plan under Puspa Lal Lok Marga.
  • To make airport at Kotdanda ( Durchhim).
  • To open an alternative foot track linking tarai, hills and himalayanm region.
  • To start raffting in Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Tamakoshi, Dudhkoshi rivers.
  • To start a cable car service that joins Sagarmatha, Tayachung, Barahachhetra to Halesi.

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